Ordination Of Women. Is It Biblical?

"The Bible and Ordination" by Pastor Bruce Price


The Bible States:

I Timothy 3:1-7: gives the biblical criteria for the office of elder (bishop):

1. The office is designated for a man (in the Greek "aner" which is equivalent to male). Anthropos, another Greek word for man, is not used here because it can also mean mankind in the generic sense. Hence the office is for the male gender. See verse 1.

2. If married, he must be the "husband" of one wife. Only a man can be a husband.  See verse 2.           

3. The office is for a person in a headship/rulership position in his own household, a role God designated for the male gender. See verses 4-5.

4. The office is reserved for one having a good reputation in society as it relates to a man. See verses 2-5 & 7. 

Women can minister in the church with their God-given talents, but not in positions that the Lord reserved for the male gender. God has made it  clear in Ephesians 5:22-23 that the man is the head of the household. The church is  the household of God on earth. 

Nowhere in the Bible do we find God giving instructions about anointing women as priestesses, queens or any other headship role over men. Yet in pagan religions and societies, we do find women carrying out these functions even in a male-dominated ambience.

We must follow God's program for His church and not one with pagan elements.